Big White Field (2003) by Peter Royen

Peter Royen

Big White Field (2003)

h 97 x w 77 cm
Acrylic, Dammar resin, Wax, Pigments on Canvas


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Peter Royen

“The color ‘white’ leaves everything open and does not dominate.”

Peter Royen, born in Amsterdam, died in 2013 at the age of 90 in Düsseldorf, known for his white silent paintings and his great commitment to his fellow artists. The Federal Cross of Merit 1984 and the Artist Award of the Düsseldorf Artists 2013 are an expression of how highly he was esteemed.
Known by the name “painter of silence” by Werner Schmalenbach, he worked with geometry and structure, but his paintings are neither strict nor programmatic. His aim was to explore the spatial effect of colour, so the non-colours white and black were perfect for this. He encourages the viewer to spend a lot of time with his work, to read into the paintings. Then one discovers the haptic properties of the material and the subtle spatial effect.
After studying with Pankok, Royen remained in Dusseldorf. He had countless exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands, as well as in Brazil and Japan. Many important international collectors, such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, owns works by him.