Royal (2018) by Oleg Yurov

Oleg Yurov

h 100 x w 150 cm
Acrylic on Dibond, Aluminium Frame


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Mark Harrington, Artist, Painter, Biography, Exhibition, Selection, Kiew, Ukraine

Oleg Yurov

My vision in my art is to unite the eternal and the flow of life.

Oleg Yurov from Kiev has developed his own technique, which he calls “Free Motion”. He brings the colors to flow, which allows him to show the world in its movement, creating intense impressions. The large format of the paintings brings the focus on inner worlds and their character, for example in his flower pictures. His works range between abstraction and objectivity. FlowFineArt has discovered the aspiring artist in 2017 and is featuring him in Western Europe. Oleg Yurov has been represented in Ukraine and Russia since 2014 with exhibitions and numerous seminars.