"No Title (2019)" by Klaus Schröder

Klaus Schröder

h 50 x w 17 x 10
h 19,5 x w 6,5 x 4
Acrylic paint, Wax, Broken brick, Spruce


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Klaus Schröder, Artist, Portrait

Klaus Schröder

“My works happen in a dialogue with the materials.”

Klaus Schröder works in wood, in consistent abstraction without any representational reference. In this exhibition we show both relief-like wall objects as well as freestanding works. He developed the abstract wall panels titled “Tafelobjekte” 20 years ago and is now revisiting this topic. While the original chalkboard objects are characterized by several rhythmically set incisions, he has discovered a simpler geometry in the latest wall objects.
The freestanding works take up the archaic motif of the arch, which Klaus Schröder recognized in Slavic cemeteries. Since 1985 he has had successful exhibitions throughout Germany and participated in numerous art fairs, such as at the Art Frankfurt.