Emotions in Grey No.5 (2018) by Gabriele Musebrink

Gabriele Musebrink

h 100 x w 100 cm
Fresco Limestone, Marble Powder, Pigments
on Canvas


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Gabriele Musebrink, Artist, Portrait, Germany

Gabriele Musebrink

“My way of working is an expression of transformation. Morphology in painting. Birth and death.”

Gabriele Musebrink is interested to find the essential. With her deep knowledge about natural painting materials, she brings those together on canvas. The qualities of the materials make them react in different ways. For example the surface starts to move until it breaks open. Like an alchemist she transforms material and lifts it to art. Since 1995 she is represented at numerous exhibitions, she also leads an art school in Essen and seminars all over Europe. In the recent years she has become increasingly present at international art fairs and in important collections, e.g. the Art Karlsruhe and in the collection of the Ministry of NRW.