In our Nature (2014) by Fancher Brinkmann

Fancher Brinkmann

h 120 x w 100 cm
Acrylic on Canvas


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Artist, Fancher Brinkmann, Portrait, United States of America

Fancher Brinkmann

‘Everybody sees something different in my paintings. That’s the wonder of abstract art.’

Fancher Brinkmann’s intense acrylic and oil paintings are all about their colors, because colors provoke sensations in every human being, consciously or unconsciously. Like nature, her paintings appear soft to dynamic or overwhelming. They are always balanced and a harmonious whole. The American, who has worked as an architect, lives and works since 1980 as an artist in Munich. She has many exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. She also participates with her pictures in many art fairs at home and abroad.