Muralo (2018) by Dieter Laue

Dieter Laue

h 100 x w 120 cm
Acrylic, bound pigments


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Dieter Laue

“Water goes through a lot of things and leaves a trace, just like on my canvas.”

Dieter Laue’s painting technique is based on the interplay of colour = matter and water = energy, i.e. “what holds the world together at its core” and creates the forms of nature. On wet canvas, the running water wears off the paint and contours and banks, Borderlines and interconnections emerge – a beautiful game.
Laue does not leave this to chance, he makes his own paints from pigments, rock flours, minerals and earths and bound with synthetic resin. These colors are not just reds, yellows and blues but patterns that are predictable and plannable in their textures. These range from woodcut or linocut-like to the swirls of water movement. By tilting and turning the canvas, Laue directs the water, combining colors and graphics to create new sounds and an intentional composition.