Dan Hepperle

h 63 x w 53 cm
With wood frame shadow
Oil on canvas



Dan Hepperle

‘While I paint I come into a timeless state of mind and this I try to express in my art.’

Dan Hepperle, who works in the seclusion of a village in the Eifel, paints in the main color white, which suggests tranquillity, concentration and timelessness. He takes up the subject of light and points to something non-physical, metaphysical. With infinite variations he always creates new atmospheres and moods. Space is another theme, expressed as a line that enters the scene, playfully dancing, or austere and straightforward. His paintings seem alive and yet at rest, they seem to show little and yet a lot. Since 1994 he is present at numerous exhibitions and fairs in Germany and the Netherlands. His works are in many private collections and in public ownership at banks and companies. Born in 1956, the artist is inspired by Zen and plays the shakuhachi flute.

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