Tree in Storm by Allmuth Lenz

Allmuth Lenz

h 25 x w 40 cm
Camera Obscura


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Allmuth Lenz

“As an alternative artist I play with the mystery of painting and photography
through analog and digital ways.”

Allmuth Lenz uses techniques that contain an unpredictable element in her lyrical photographic works. Her photographs with the Camera Obscura appear abstract and picturesque due to the blurred contours and the soft lighting effects. Especially with wind and storm from the moving ship. Sometimes, images full of yearning arise from being on the move to the horizon. In another self-developed method, she puts analogue photographs into a hand-made lye. These works are based on the interplay of several levels: from the photographic motif through its chemical alienation to scratched signs in the surface. Allmuth Lenz, born in Hamburg in 1958, has been working in Brühl since 1986 and since 1995 regularly exhibits regionally in galleries and cultural institutes. Her photographs are represented in numerous private collections.