Fancher Brinkmann

Artist, Fancher Brinkmann, Portrait, United States of America

Fancher Brinkmann’s intense acrylic and oil paintings are all about their colors, because colors provoke sensations in every human being, consciously or unconsciously. Like nature, her paintings appear soft to dynamic or overwhelming. They are always balanced and a harmonious whole. The American, who has worked as an architect, lives and works since 1980 as an artist in Munich. She has many exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. She also participates with her paintings in many art fairs at home and abroad.

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Immaterial Worlds

Fancher Brinkmann is convinced that every person sees something different in an abstract painting, depending on his or her current situation in life.

Many people perceive the paintings of Fancher Brinkmann as aesthetic. What is aesthetic about them? We feel, we recognize something familiar in these abstract areas and fields of color: landscapes, impressions of nature, seemingly endless plains, skies and clouds, elements of fire, earth, wind and water, morning and evening moods, appearances of light at different times of day and season. All of these are natural phenomena. Just like nature, Fancher Brinkmann’s art works are harmonious and well balanced. There is a delicate balance between all parts and areas interacting as a coherent whole.

Every one of these paintings leads an independent existence – and, therefore does not need to bear upon reality or objectivity. Theo van Doesburg, one of the founders of the international art movement, “De Stijl”, suggested that the essence of painting, its goals and climax, is reached only after it leaves representationality behind and simply focuses on its own resources: color and form.

Fancher Brinkmann takes this even one step further. She widely relinquishes forms, leaving blurred surfaces and frayed fields, working almost entirely through the impact of color. Colors provoke sensations and feelings in every person, whether consciously or subconsciously, Fancher Brinkmann is particularly taken by the color red. She says, “Red is the most versatile of all colors. It is reminiscent of warmth, comfort, love and energy but also fire, hell or blood. Yellow is supplemental to red but difficult to work with if it becomes too garish or lurid to harmonize. Blue is easier, having a soothing effect.” She therefore works with the three primary colors, adding black, white and occasionally orange and purple.

These fields and areas of color turn into a resonating surface onto which the viewer can project his momentary feelings: lust for life, happiness, ease, harmony, contentment, but also anger, sadness or depression. She works with oil paints, which allow the most possibilities during the creation process. Oil paint dries much more slowly than today’s more commonly used acrylic paint. Oil paints can create the subtlest nuances and achieve the finest color effects. Thin layers of color add great depth to her paintings and seem to open windows to a different, immaterial world.

The process of creating a painting can extend over a period of many weeks. To begin, the artist separates the canvas into different areas of color, which give it structure and outline. “I paint very quickly and spontaneously,” Fancher Brinkmann explains. “What you do in one round is often better than corrections.” She spends a great deal of time sitting in front of a canvas reflecting on which areas of the painting work well together and which do not. “The process of balancing colors is very work intensive,” she says. “Knowing when a painting is finished is very difficult. The decision often demands intuition.”

Fancher Brinkmann, Painting Studio, United States of America
Fancher Brinkmann, Artist, Painting, Vita, Collections, Exhibition, Selection, Munich, Germany

80 x 80 cm
3.200 €

Ordinary Morning
140 x 110 cm
6.600 €


Blue Mountains
90 x 90 cm
2.900 €


In Our Nature
120 x 100 cm
4.800 €


Poppy Rain
80 x 120 cm
3.300 €


100 x 140 cm
4.800 €