Bernd Eisenmann

Bernd Eisenmann, Artist, Portrait

For Bernd Eisenmann it is important that his sculptures made of stone and wood can be experienced haptically and directly, with their qualities of balance and imbalance, heaviness and lightness. Sensing enables a new discovery of the “here and now” and leads directly to an interface between art and life. The stones and woods are mostly finds, u.a. from the environment of his studio in Italy. The surfaces consist of turned surfaces that go beyond the shape. In the overall effect he creates calm compositions.
Since the 1990s, Bernd Eisenmann deliberately exhibits in public spaces in order to appeal to a broad audience.
He is active throughout Germany, including in Italy and Luxembourg.


Haptic Forms

In Bernd Eisenmann’s vision, balance, warmth, coldness, heaviness and lightness are to be experienced directly, with the sense of touch. This was also a motive of his many years as an art teacher. The border between life and art should suggest the divinity of the human race. His stones and woods are mostly found objects. For him the finding of an object is like a random encounter. He tries to give autonomy and independence to his materials, and differentiates these objects from one’s normal view of the world. This makes every sculpture an independent, unique entity. A new, sensible dimension emerges. The relationship of the surfaces, the calm composition, is the result of the way in which he creates a sculpture. Visitors are invited to experience his work with eye and hand mutually and to allow new visual and haptic impressions.

Bernd Eisenmann, Foto, Sculpture,Germany
Bernd Eisenmann, Artist, Sculpture, Vita, Collections, Exhibition, Selection, Wuppertal, Germany
Bernd Eisenmann, Egyptian, 2017, Germany, Sculpture

Ägyptisch (2017)
Höhe: 43 cm
Price on Request

Bernd Eisenmann, Testa Rossa, 2010, Germany, Sculpture

Testa Rossa (2010)
Höhe: 39 cm
Price on Request

Bernd Eisenmann, Morgenruf, 2011, Germany, Sculpture

Morgenruf (2011)
27 x 22 x 14 cm
Price on Request

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