Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, Farewell, 2010, Acrylic pigments on Canvas
Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, No Title, 2018, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

Anne Bahrinipour

Anne Bahrinipour’s works are close to abstract, with hints of landscapes or figures. The artist from Witten in Germany creates direct projections of her inner world with acrylic on canvas. Strongly guided by her intuition, she paints in color series. Her paintings have a strong energetic power that unites quiet image areas with dynamic rhythmic ones. Anne Bahrinipour is represented in collections in Germany and abroad.

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Internal Snapshots

The painter Anne Bahrinipour follows her intuition, waiting for the moment where that which she imagines rises from the unconscious to the surface, and finds its artistic expression. Her main interest is to get to the essence. This has in fact always been a driving force for abstract art. Her works are internal snapshots, the attempt to freeze the movement and to stop time.

She has taught drawing for nearly 20 years, which is why the nude figure has a great role in her earlier works. The artist then experienced a shift in her life, which also fundamentally changed her way of painting; a shift inwards. At 33, she looked after a 26 year old dying friend in her last 3 months. This close encounter with death, brought her spiritually to the Bahai religion. Besides this, she continued dealing with the subject of death, as she painted together for 29 years with cancer-sick women in an open studio. A reconciliation with death and god took place, and a turning to a religion that is all pervading, peace-making and reconciling.

Anne Bahrinipour says: ‘For me, painting is an intuitive process in which I express my inner movements, with the help of materials, without drafts or later improvements. I am interested in what develops spontaneously during the concentrated work on the canvas. ‘ Sometimes her art is reminiscent of landscape, sometimes of figures. The works are sometimes before, sometimes beyond the limits of abstraction, and the transitions are fluent. Being an illustrator for a long time, the line of china ink is an important means of expression. It underlines the inner movement by being a sweeping and vivid line, by being in contrast to the calm background. In the last series she almost entirely left it out. The depth of the painting, and the different time and space levels are important for her. During the painting process she keeps turning the painting, and gets inspired by what she experiences as the spectator. The painting turns into a projection of her own perception. Insinuations and allusions to landscape or forms should also give the spectator the opportunity to interpret freely.

She works in color-series, where the colors reflect the elements. There is a blue-turquoise phase for the water element, red works stand for the element of fire, and in yellow paintings she sees a connection to the element air. She would certainly not choose the color, rather it is more likely that she feels a strong inner attraction to one color and has to follow it. In the series ’ Fire and Snow” in red, the opposites balance each other, with the suggestion of passion. The artist wants to move something in the world with her art. Her paintings contain messages that have a meaning for her. To paint is a possibility for her to translate what happens inside of her into color and form, like a direct record of her inner experiences.

Anne Bahrinipour, Artist, Photo, Portrait, Art Studio
Anne Bahrinipour, Artist, Painting, Vita, Collections, Exhibition, Selection, Berlin, Germany
Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, Farewell, 2010, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

Abschied (2010)
100 × 140 cm
3.900 €

Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, No Title, 2018, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

No Title (2018)
100 × 120 cm
3.500 €

Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, Time of the Wolves, 2014, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

Time Of The Wolves
100 × 120 cm
3.500 €

Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, Landscape, 2016, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

Landscape (2016)
100 × 80 cm
3.100 €

Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, Silence, 2017, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

Silence (2017)
100 × 140 cm
3.700 €

Anne Bahrinipour, Painting, No Title, 2013, Acrylic pigments on Canvas

No Title (2013)
70 × 60 cm
1.200 €

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