Anatol Burikin

After studying at the Moscow Art Academy Anatol Burikin taught drawing and painting. Since 2010, the Russian artist works as a painter in Vienna. His paintings are characterised by a special depth. He works on several paintings parallel and develops them like in a maturing process, layer by layer. The result is a play between concealment and revelation that makes his works unmistakable through the living surface. His paintings are represented in museums and private collections in Europe, Thailand, Canada and the USA. Burikin also participated in international fairs, such as Innsbruck, Munich and Vienna.

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White Balance

Anatol Burikin studied architecture at the Moscow Academy and then taught drawing and painting there for 9 years. After that his works were then often very successfully published as book illustrations. Since 1997 Burikin lives in Vienna, where he soon began to paint in oil on canvas and since 2005, he has international exhibitions with his paintings. His paintings are represented in museums and private collections in Europe, Thailand, Canada and the USA. Burikin also participated in international fairs, among others in Innsbruck, Munich and Vienna. Since 2010 years he is represented by a prestigious gallery in Paris. In Paris, Vienna and in New York he has already made a name.

Anatol Burikin is inspired by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, El Lissitzky and Rodchenko Aleksander. Anatol often says that his decision to make abstract art comes from the unique atmosphere, that these famous artists created. His painting is characterised by a special depth that makes the surface alive, shiny and dense, soft and rough at the same time as porous and dull, and therefore appeals to the sense of touch.

Anatol Burikin paints in many layers in a long work process that goes on for months and even sometimes years, with periods where the image waits before applying a next layer. He himself says: „I‘ll let the paintings just happen.“ Rounding out his paintings through the top layer, he finishes it with fine scratches and thereby gives the works a special structured nature. The result is a game between hiding and revealing, which makes his work so unmistakable.

His paintings contain elementary, archetypal shapes such as circles and squares. Their position is determined by a sense of harmony, because a harmonious composition is important for the artist. It can not to be forgotten that the artist has his origins in architecture- all his works are clearly structured. Despite various compositional ideas there is always a guideline in the organization of the image.

In rare cases, something „happened“ in some of Burikins images, they are unobtrusive and restrained in their overall effect. Nevertheless, something is moving in them and has a presence; you could describe it as a slight pulsation and vibration, that makes the work alive.

The latest works of 2013 and 2014 are characterized by a minimum of colors and an eye-catching brightness. Burikin painted with different color expression, there are phases with bright images, and phases with dark images. His interest is less about the color, but the fact that the images are naturally created.

For Anatol Burikin art is something that does not come from thinking or doing, he says: „I let the paintings happen“. This inner attitude gives his art a philosophical and mystical effect. It depends on him, along with the Russian way of life. To follow a natural force and motion, is for Anatol Burikin part of the Russian philosophy of life that makes up much of his artistic production.

Around 2010, more colorful images came out, which belong to a series in which he devoted himself to urban landscapes. In this series, Anatol found his inspiration from the simplicity of architectural forms, lights and spaces in the city. Where the city begins and the earth ends, where the sky begins and the city ends, is difficult to see.
The urbanity has taken most space on Burikins images. Especially the density of houses that does not allow the recognition of its inhabitants, an aesthetic that Burikin is particularly interested in.

Anatol Burikin, Artist, Painting, Vita, Collections, Exhibition, Selection, Vienna, Austria

White Balance 22 (2012)
100 x 100 cm

White Balance 10 (2013)
100 x 80 cm

White Balance 34 (2013)
80 x 120 cm

White Balance 30 (2012)
100 x 120 cm

White Balance 32 (2012)
100 x 100 cm

White Balance 33 (2012)
100 x 100 cm

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